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In 2002, Ibanez took over the production from Maxon, and from 2006 onwards, the pedal comes with the JRC4558D op-amp (in the EU market – in the US, the old TA75558P lasted until early 2010).

There were previous Ibanez pedals labeled ”overdrive”, but the TS-808 was the first time we saw this particular circuit.It also has a gain boost switch, which more than doubles the max gain.The early run of ”7” series pedals were famous for having issues with the switch – they sometimes broke, but most times it was a height issue (the footpedal didn’t fully release the switch, so the circuit didn’t register every push as a switch impulse).These pedals are very expensive these days, unless you come across one at a garage sale of course.But I admit that’s a quite unlikely scenario 🙂 TS-9 Tube Screamer: this one appeared around 1982-83, when Ibanez introduced the ”9” series with a completely redesigned exterior.

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